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  • Bruce Maly Plumbing and Drain Services

    Bruce Maly Plumbing and Drain Services

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Hot water

We all love the luxury of hot water when we want it.  At Bruce Maly Plumbing and Drain Services Inc. we install and repair many different types of hot water systems.   With today's energy effecient environment there are options to choose from.  Take a look at our suppliers websites and find the unit that's right for you.  Not sure where to start?  Not a problem.... Contact Us and we'll explain your options and what's best suited for you and your home or business.

  • Bradford White Water Heaters


    bradford white hot water tanksThe Bradford White ICON SystemTM is an exclusive gas control technology that offers numerous energy and time-saving benefits including Advanced Temperature Control for consistent and accurate water temperature levels, Performance Software for enhanced First Hour Delivery ratings and tighter temperature differentials, Intelligent Diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting, and Pilot-On-Indication. The ICON System is another competitive advantage for professional installers and wholesalers. Best of all, it’s provided at no extra cost.

  • Noritz Hot Water Systems



    noritz hot water heatingASME Certified
    Commercial Tankless Models
    (NATURAL GAS and PROPANE models only)

    With its stainless steel exterior casing and commercial grade components, the Noritz ASME certified tankless hot water heaters are specifically designed to meet the demands of commercial applications. For heavy-duty industrial use, up to 24 ASME certified tankless models can be linked together with a single system controller, supplying a maximum of 316.8 GPM at 9.1 million BTUs (with NC380-SV-ASME model). The copper piping in the unit’s heat exchanger is 25% thicker, providing extra durability to help prevent condensation and combat product failure.

  • GSW Water Heaters


    Many components, like our exclusive Turbulator™ dip tube, are available on many
    models and can help maintain optimum efficiency and extend tank life by reducing
    sediment at the bottom of the tank.

  • Rheem Canada Hot Water Systems


    rheem canada hot water heatingRheem Manufacturing Company was established in the mid-1920s when brothers Richard and Donald Rheem acquired a galvanizing plant in San Francisco, California. In the 1930's, Rheem began manufacturing water heaters, and by 1936 had coast to coast distribution. During the 1940s and 1950s, the company increased its product line to include space heating units for homes, oil furnaces and air conditioners.