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  • Bruce Maly Plumbing and Drain Services

    Bruce Maly Plumbing and Drain Services

    The #1 Choice for Any and All of Your Plumbing and Drain Needs

Bruce Maly Plumbing And Drain ServiceBruce Maly Plumbing & Drain Services Inc. offers a wide vairety of services for our Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients.  Whether you are having a plumbing issue, looking to replace that kitchen faucet, update your bathroom or go with a whole new complete renovation we have the staff to do the job.  The following is a list of our most used services.  If you don't see it listed just ask.  With years of experience and our highly trained staff we can come up with the right solution for you. 


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  • Poly B Galvenized Pipe Removal & Replacement
  • All Repairs & Renovations
  • Roots, Ice & Grease Removal from Drains
  • Hydeo Jetting/Drain Cleaning
  • Pipe & Sewer/Septic Locating
  • Cross Connection Control Surveys
  • Backflow Proventor, Testing & Installations
  •  New Housing Construction
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Frozen Pipes Thawed
  • Colour Video Camera Inspections
  • Ultra Violet Purification Systems
  • Pipe Freeze Device
  • Water Softeners/Iron Removal Systems


We have video cameras for inspecting your drains & sewers & locators for locating your trouble areas.


We have locators to locate your septic tank as well as any trouble areas in your drains or mapping out where the pipes go.


We can provide & install Ultra Violet Water Sterlizers to make your drinking water potable.  Ask us about water purification & we can supply a solution to your water problem. Sometimes a water softener is required to make the UV function properly

Ultra Violet units use a special lightbulb contained within a quartz sleeve which uses the light to kill bacteria.


We can test your water & provide iron filters, water softeners & treatment solutions to give you good tasting water & eliminate odors.


We have qualified personnel to test the backflow preventors on your water supply as per your Public Utilities Commission.

A backflow device is a type of check valve that helps protect your potable water supply & the public water supply from any possible contaminents on your premises.


We can provide Surveys as is initially required by your Public Utilities Commission.

A survey is used to assess possible hazards relating to your potable water.


Sometimes a situation will occur such as replacing a main shut off valve were the draining of the building may be required.  This Freeze Device can help eliminate the time required to drain the system & issues that may arise from the draining of the building. We can freeze the pipe in order to carry out the repairs in most cases.


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